Reading Groups

Green Marxism Reading Group | Summer 2021

In conjunction with the V21 Collective, Vcologies is pleased to convene an interdisciplinary summer reading group on the subject of “Radical Ecologies.” Focusing on critical theory in the Marxist tradition, we will be seeking to engage, historicize, and apprehend the place of Metabolic Rift analysis as developed in the venerable Monthly Review School and in relation to the study of nineteenth-century literary and visual cultures. Theoretical readings will include selections of Marx, organicism in G.W. Leibniz, and Brett Clark, John Bellamy Foster, and Richard York’s Ecological Rift, literary works by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Elizabeth Gaskell, and M.P. Shiels, and the art of Joseph Wright of Derby, the Otolith Group, and Jane Prophet, among others. Participants will come away from discussions with new tools for the materialist study of literature and art, ecological problematics, the forces and relations of production that cause them, and the broader struggle for environmental justice.

Reading groups will convene three times, during the months of June, July, and August, with more information available here.

To sign up, please register at this link. You will receive readings and the Zoom link via email.