Panels, Roundtables, Workshops


North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA): Zoom Roundtable, November 2021: “Victorian Ecologies in Process”: Kate Flint, Nicholas Robbins, Amy Woodson-Boulton, Heidi C.M. Scott, Jiwon Min, Stephanie O’Rourke, Fredrik Albritton-Jonsson, Jamie L. Jones, John Parham | Recording Part 1 and Part 2 | Please note that an irreparable technical glitch has erased the first few presenters

North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA): Zoom Roundtable, February 2021: “Victorian Ecologies: Objects, Methods, Directions,” Deanna K. Kreisel, Kent Linthicum, Kyle McAuley, Ella Mershon, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, John McNeill Miller, Mario Ortiz-Robles, Pandora Syperek, Jesse Oak Taylor


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS): The 2020 INCS conference–the “Green Conference”–was organized and hosted by vcologies member Devin Griffiths. The entire program focused on topics and issues of interest to the vcologies collective; vcologies members were specifically involved in the following sessions: 1A, 3A, 3C, 5D, 6A, 6F, 7C, 7F, 8A.


NAVSA: “Capitalist and Anti-Capitalist Ecologies and (Post)humanisms,” Sarah Alexander, Sari Carter, Kent Linthicum

NAVSA: “Compression: Materiality ad Media in the Nineteenth Century,” Clare Pettitt, Mark Turner, Kate Flint, Aaron Rosenberg

NAVSA: “Genres and/or Ecological Crisis,” Jiwon Min, Julia F. Saville, Phillip Stillman

NAVSA: “Genres of Victorian Description at the Fin de Siecle,” Elizabeth Chang, Kyle McAuley, John MacNeill Miller

NAVSA: “Media, Extraction, Wreckage,” Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Nathan Hensley, Michael Tondre

NAVSA: “New Perspectives on Landscape and Village,” Jayne Hildebrand, Carolyn Lesjak, Emma Eisenberg, Scott Hess

NAVSA: “Ruskin the Polymath,” Thomas Albrecht, Annael Jonas-Paneth, Michelle Radnia, Harry Daniels

NAVSA: “Scales, Environments, Mentalities,” Anna Henchman, Ella Mershon, Alicia Carroll, Irena Yamboliev, Benjamin Morgan

NAVSA: Trees: Materiality, Ecology, Aesthetics,” Richard Menke, Lesley Higgins, Mary Bowden

Vcologies Workshop 2019: University of Chicago, organized by Benjamin Morgan

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS): “Demonumentalizing the Human: The Victorian Eco-Gothic Imagination,” Dennis Denisoff, Deanna Kreisel, Jiwon Min, Frances Thielman, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Victorian Energy Systems and Anthropocene Monuments: Solar, Electric, Carbon,” Barbara Leckie, Kyle McAuley, Michael Tondre, Lynn Voskuil

MLA (Modern Language Association): “Ecological Crisis in the Long Nineteenth Century,” Sukanya Banerjee, Devin Griffiths, Nathan Hensley, Deanna Kreisel, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil, Daniel Williams

MLA: “Rotten Ideas: New Approaches to Decay,” Erin Edwards, Jacob Jewusiak, Amanada Kotch, Margaret Linley, Ella Mershon, John MacNeill Miller,


NAVSA (North American Victorian Studies Association): “Industrial Pollution,” Holly Fling, Kent Linthicum, John MacNeill Miller, Kyoko Takanashi, Michael Tondre

NAVSA: “Methodology from the Outside,” Sukanya Banerjee, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, John MacNeill Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil

NAVSA: “The Transatlantic Sky I: Reading and Writing the Heavens,” Carrie Tirado Bramen, Kyle McAuley, Justine Pizzo, Daniel Williams

NAVSA: “The Transatlantic Sky II: Literary Ecologies,” Carrie Tirado Bramen, Siobhan Carroll, Margaret Linley, Daniel Williams

NAVSA: “Natural History Pedagogy Workshop,” Sarah Leonard, Bryan Rasmussen

Vcologies Workshop 2018, University of Nevada, Reno, organized by Jen Hill

INCS: “Ecological Temporalities I: Carboniferous and Evolutionary Timescales,” David Agruss, Ann Garascia, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Ecological Temporalities II: Cycles, Interruptions, Delays,” Barbara Leckie, Ashley Miller, Kate Thomas, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Intimate Ecologies,” Kathleen Fredrickson, Ella Mershon


NAVSA-Banff (Canada):  Keynote by Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, “Extraction Ecologies and Victorian Literature”

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “Constructing Environmental Histories,” Bud Clark, Chris J. Thomas, Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “The Genius Loci Eco-Jam,” Siobhan Carroll, Dennis Denisoff, Margaret Linley, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Lynn Voskuil

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “Saving Life,” Elisha Cohn, Kathleen Frederickson, Devin Griffith, Jesse Oak Taylor

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): Seminars:

❖ “Victorian Sustainability,” led by Deanna Kreisel

❖ “Victorians in the Anthropocene,” led by Jesse Oak Taylor

❖ “The Historical Ocean,” led by Cannon Schmitt

Vcologies Workshop 2017, University of Houston, organized by Lynn Voskuil, Devin Griffiths, and Sebastian Lecourt

Victorian Environments Workshop 2017, University of Southampton, organized by Justine Pizzo

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Charles Darwin I,” David Amigoni, Miranda Butler, Devin Griffiths, George Levine

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Charles Darwin II,” John Holmes, Isobel Armstrong, Cannon Schmitt, George Levine

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Ecology and Ecocriticism,” Kate Flint, Deanna Kreisel, Kyle McAuley, Ashley Miller

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Garden and Anti-Garden,” Barbara Leckie, Samantha Nystrom, Lindsay Wells

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “The Victorians and Natural History,” Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, Anna Henchman, Sue Zemka

INCS: “Bodies, Ecology,” Barbara Barrow, Miriam Rowntree, Michael Tondre, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Ecologies of the Body I: Diffuse Bodies, Precarious Subjects,” Barbara Leckie, Margaret Linley, Justine Pizzo, Lynn Voskuil, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Ecologies of the Body II: Decomposing Life, Composing Forms,” Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, John MacNeil Miller, Lynn Voskuil


NAVSA: “Victorians and the Web of Life,” Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil, Jesse Oak Taylor

Vcologies Workshop 2016, organized by Elizabeth Carolyn Miller and Deanna Kreisel

INCS: “Melancholy Ecologies,” Natalie Deam, Nora Gilbert, John MacNeill Miller, Barbara Leckie, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Eco-Histories,” Erika Behrisch Elce, Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, Lynn Voskuil

MLA: “Anthropogenic Agency in the Nineteenth Century,” Siobhan Carroll, Gordon Mitchell Sayre, Timothy Sweet, Jesse Oak Taylor


NAVSA: “Ecology, System, Empire I: Form,” Nathan Hensley, Jen Hill, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Philip Steer

NAVSA: “Ecology, System, Empire II: Scale,” Sukanya Banerjee, Nathan Hensley, Philip Steer, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Botanies and Ecologies: The Lives of Plants,” Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, Lynn Voskuil