Sukanya Banerjee

empire and ecology

Sarah Bilston

victorian gardening practice, orchids, plant-hunting

Mary Bowden

critical plant studies, Darwin, science and literature

Siobhan Carroll

romantic atmospheres, empire and environment

Elizabeth Chang

plants and literature, environmental agency

Dennis Denisoff

queer ecology, decadent ecology, environmentalism

Eric Gidal

historical geography, information systems, media infrastructures

Devin Griffiths

darwin studies, ecological form, energy humanities

Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

gender and ecological aesthetics, seaside science, environmental tourism

Nathan Hensley

ecological form, ecological networks, globalization

Scott D. Hess

environmental movements, self and environment, landscape

Joshua King

religion and environmentalism, ecotheology and poetry

Deanna Kreisel

utopia, ecological grief, queer ecologies, sustainability

Barbara Leckie

climate change, deep time, temporalities and narrative form

Ji Eun Lee

animal studies, cities, walking, landscape, empire and environment

Sarah Mead Leonard

landscape and garden history, botany, design and ecology

Kent Linthicum

energy humanities, fossil fuels, slavery

Krista Lysack

weather, ecological forms, ecohauntology, new materialism

Allen MacDuffie

energy humanities, Darwin and environmentalism

Jed Mayer

weird and gothic ecologies, animals, anthropocenes

Kyle McAuley

oceanic studies, race, empire

Tobias Menely

earth systems humanities

Richard Menke

media ecologies, resources, victorian industry

Ashley Miller

victorian poetry and botany, figures of waste, consumption

Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

extraction ecologies, climate change

John MacNeill Miller

scenery and setting, animal studies, decomposition

Benjamin Morgan

ecological aesthetics, scale and climate change

Mario Ortiz-Robles

animal studies, literary naturalism, extinction narratives

Justine Pizzo

character and climate, feminine atmospheres, gender and biochemical meteorologies

Michelle Radnia

gardens and horticulture, sustainability, ecological aesthetics, recycling, empire and environment

Jeannette Samyn

parasitism, science and literature, environmental theory

Julia Saville

ecopoetics, environmental ethics, poetic form

Jim Scown

nineteenth-century soil, science and literature, ecology and empire

Jesse Oak Taylor

the anthropocene, climate, earth systems, extinction, fieldwork

Michael Tondre

energy humanities, oil culture, literature and climate change

Lynn Voskuil

garden ecologies, horticulture and empire, invasion ecologies

Lindsay Wells

botanical imagery, horticulture, empire and environment

Daniel Williams

weather, climate, ecology, perception, social form