Panels, Roundtables, Workshops


Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS): “Environments of the Long Nineteenth Century,” Elizabeth Chang, Kate Flint, Devin Garofalo, Jeffrey McCarthy, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Parama Roy

INCS: “Geography, Systems, and Settlement,” Alexandre Dubois, Kyle McAuley, Eric Gidal

INCS: “Strategic Futures: Energy Humanities in the Nineteenth Century,” Grace Franklin, Devin Griffiths, Lynn Voskuil, David Womble

North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA)-March: “Unsettling Imagined Spaces,” Kathleen Frederickson, Deanna Kreisel, Kyle McAuley, Devin M. Garofalo

NAVSA-March: “Unsettling Victorian Ecocriticism I: New Formations,” Siobhan Carroll, Ella Mershon, Lynn Voskuil, Daniel Williams

NAVSA-March: “Unsettling Victorian Ecocriticism II: Unsettling the Empire,” Parama Roy, Emily Halliwell-MacDonald, Sandhya Shetty, David Womble

NAVSA-March: “Aesthetic and Decadent Ecologies,” Alicia Carroll, Lindsay Wells, Angie Blumberg, Dennis Denisoff

NAVSA-March: “The Planet: An Emergent Category for Victorian Studies,” Devin Griffiths, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Jesse Oak Taylor

NAVSA-March: “Unsettling from Below: Ecologies of the Victorian Underground,” Mary Bowden, Darin Graber, Kent Linthicum, Aaron Matz, Alex McAuley

NAVSA-March Seminars: Dennis Denisoff, “Queer Ecologies” | Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, “Empire and Environment”

Environment and Culture in Britain, 1688-1851, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Jesse Oak Taylor, Lynn Voskuil


NAVSA: Zoom Roundtable, November 2021: “Victorian Ecologies in Process” | Kate Flint, Nicholas Robbins, Amy Woodson-Boulton, Heidi C.M. Scott, Jiwon Min, Stephanie O’Routke, Fredrik Albritton-Jonsson, Jamie L. Jones, John Parham.

NAVSA: Zoom Roundtable, February 2021: “Victorian Ecologies: Objects, Methods, Directions” | Deanna K. Kreisel, Kent Linthicum, Kyle McAuley, Ella Mershon, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, John MacNeill Miller, Mario Ortiz-Robles, Pandora Syperek, Jesse Oak Taylor


INCS: The 2020 INCS conference–the “Green Conference”–was organized and hosted by vcologies member Devin Griffiths. The entire program focused on topics and issues of interest to the vcologies collective; vcologies members were specifically involved in the following sessions: 1A, 3A, 3C, 5D, 6A, 6F, 7C, 7F, 8A.


NAVSA: “Capitalist and Anti-Capitalist Ecologies and (Post) humanisms,” Sarah Alexander, Sari Carter, Kent Linthicum

NAVSA: “Compression: Materiality and Media in the Nineteenth Century,” Clare Pettitt, Mark Turner, Kate Flint, Aaron Rosenberg

NAVSA: “Genres and/or Ecological Crisis,” Jiwon Min, Julia F. Saville, Phillip Stillman

NAVSA: “Genres of Victorian Description at the Fin de Si├Ęcle,” Elizabeth Chang, Kyle McAuley, John MacNeill Miller

NAVSA: “Media Extraction, Wreckage,” Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Nathan Hensley, Michael Tondre

NAVSA: “New Perspectives on Landscape and Village,” Jayne Hildebrand, Carolyn Lesjak, Emma Eisenberg, Scott Hess

NAVSA: “Ruskin the Polymath,” Thomas Albrecht, Annael Jonas-Paneth, Michelle Radnia, Harry Daniels

NAVSA: “Scales, Environments, Mentalities,” Anna Henchman, Ella Mershon, Alicia Carroll, Irena Yamboliev, Benjamin Morgan

NAVSA: “Trees, Materiality, Ecology, Aesthetics,” Richard Menke, Lesley Higgins, Mary Bowden

Vcologies Working Group 2019: University of Chicago, organized by Benjamin Morgan

INCS: “Demonumentalizing the Human: The Victorian Eco-Gothic Imagination,” Dennis Denisoff, Deanna Kreisel, Jiwon Min, Frances Thielman, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Victorian Energy Systems and Anthropocene Monuments: Solar, Electric, Carbon,” Barbara Leckie, Kyle McAuley, Michael Tondre, Lynn Voskuil

Modern Language Association (MLA): “Ecological Crisis in the Long Nineteenth Century,” Sukanya Banerjee, Devin Griffiths, Nathan Hensley, Deanna Kreisel, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil, Daniel Williams

MLA: “Rotten Idea: New Approaches to Decay,” Erin Edwards, Jacob Jewusiak, Amanda Kotch, Margaret Linley, Ella Mershon, John MacNeill Miller


NAVSA: “Industrial Pollution,” Holly Fling, Kent Linthicum, John MacNeill Miller, Kyoko Takanashi, Michael Tondre

NAVSA: “Methodology from the Outside,” Sukanya Banerjee, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, John MacNeill Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil

NAVSA: “The Transatlantic Sky I: Reading and Writing the Heavens,” Carrie Tirado Bramen, Kyle McAuley, Justine Pizzo, Daniel Wiliams

NAVSA: “The Transatlantic Sky II: Literary Ecologies,” Carrie Tirado Bramen, Siobhan Carroll, Margaret Lindley, Daniel Williams

NAVSA: “Natural History Pedagogy Workshop,” Sarah Leonard, Bryan Rasmussen

Vcologies Working Group 2018: University of Nevada, Reno, organized by Jen Hill

INCS: “Ecological Temporalities I: Carboniferous and Evolutionary Timescales,” David Agruss, Ann Garascia, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Ecological Temporalities II: Cycles, Interruptions, Delays,” Barbara Leckie, Ashley Miller, Kate Thomas, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Intimate Ecologies,” Kathleen Frederickson, Ella Mershon


NAVSA-Banff (Canada): Keynote by Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, “Extraction Ecologies and Victorian Literature”

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “Constructing Environmental Histories,” Bud Clark, Chris J. Thomas, Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “The Genius Loci Eco-Jam,” Siobhan Carroll, Dennis Denisoff, Margaret Linley, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Lynn Voskuil

NAVSA-Banff (Canada): “Saving Life,” Elisha Cohn, Kathleen Frederickson, Devin Griffiths, Jesse Oak Taylor

NAVSA-Banff (Canada) Seminars: “Victorian Sustainability,” led by Deanna Kreisel | “Victorians in the Anthropocene,” led by Jesse Oak Taylor | “The Historical Ocean,” led by Cannon Schmitt

Vcologies Working Group 2017: University of Houston, organized by Lynn Voskuil, Devin Griffiths, and Sebastian Lecourt

Victorian Environments Workshop 2017: University of Southampton, organized by Justine Pizzo

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Charles Darwin I,” David Amigoni, Miranda Butler, Devin Griffiths, George Levine

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): Charles Darwin II,” John Holmes, Isobel Armstrong, Cannon Schmitt, George Levine

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Ecology and Ecocriticism,” Kate Flint, Deanna Kreisel, Kyle McAuley, Ashley Miller

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “Garden and Anti-Garden,” Barbara Leckie, Samantha Nystrom, Lindsay Wells

NAVSA-Florence (Italy): “The Victorians and Natural History,” Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, Anna Henchman, Sue Zemka

INCS: “Bodies Ecology,” Barbara Barrow, Miriam Rowntree, Michael Tondre, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Ecologies of the Body I: Diffuse Bodies, Precarious Subjects,” Barbara Leckie, Margaret Linley, Justine Pizzo, Lynn Voskuil, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Ecologies of the Body II: Decomposing Life, Composing Forms,” Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, John MacNeill Miller, Lynn Voskuil


NAVSA: “Victorians and the Web of Life,” Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Benjamin Morgan, Jesse Oak Taylor, Lynn Voskuil

Vcologies Working Group 2016, University of California-Davis, organized by Elizabeth Carolyn Miller and Deanna Kreisel

INCS: “Melancholy Ecologies,” Natalie Deam, Nora Gilbert, John MacNeill Miller, Barbara Leckie, Daniel Williams

INCS: “Eco-Histories,” Erika Behrisch Elce, Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, Lynn Voskuil

MLA: “Anthropogenic Agency in the Nineteenth Century,” Siobhan Carroll, Gordon Mitchell Sayre, Timothy Sweet, Jesse Oak Taylor

Vcologies is born!

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Honolulu, July 2015

NAVSA: “Ecology, System, Empire I: Form,” Nathan Hensley, Jen Hill, Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Philip Steer

NAVSA: “Ecology, System, Empire II: Scale,” Sukanya Banerjee, Nathan Hensley, Philip Steer, Lynn Voskuil

INCS: “Botanies and Ecologies: The Lives of Plants,” Devin Griffiths, Deanna Kreisel, Lynn Voskuil