Syllabus Bank


Ecological Imperialism ✧ Siobhan Carroll

Planetary Thinking ✧ Siobhan Carroll

Creative Writing in the Landscape ✧ Dennis Denisoff

Environment and Self in Literature and Film ✧ Dennis Denisoff

Ecocriticism, Apocalypse, and the Anthropocene ✧ Devin Griffiths

Approaching the Anthropocene ✧ Nathan Hensley

Tragic Ecologies ✧ Nathan Hensley

Extraction Ecologies and Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century ✧ Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

Ecologies of the Nineteenth-Century Novel ✧ Lynn Voskuil

Postcolonial Ecocritique ✧ Lynn Voskuil


Literature and Environment ✧ Dennis Denisoff

Nineteenth-Century Ecologies ✧ Nathan Hensley

Tragic Ecologies ✧ Nathan Hensley

Empire, Environment, and British Literature, 1900-1940 ✧ Elizabeth Carolyn Miller

Literature about the Environment ✧ John MacNeill Miller

Victorian Earth ✧ John MacNeill Miller

Climate Change Fiction ✧ Benjamin Morgan

Environments of Literature ✧ Benjamin Morgan

Nineteenth-Century Environmental Thought ✧ Benjamin Morgan

Environmental Literature ✧ Bryan Rasmussen

Britons and Other Life Forms ✧ Jeanette Samyn